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Moscow Polytech

Igor I. Koltunov — Scientific Secretary
B. Semyonovskaya, 38, room A-103
Tel. +7(495)223-05-23, ext. 1506.

Olga V. Orlova
B. Semyonovskaya, 38, room A-103
Tel. +7(495)223-05-23, ext. 1206.


Regulation on the Academic Council (in Russian) 

Work order of the Academic Council (in Russian)

The order of assignment of academic titles (link to Russian website)

Meeting schedule of the Academic Council for the second half of the 2018/2019 academic year (in Russian)


Members of the Academic Council



Vladimir V. Miklushevskii

President, Chairman of the Council


Yuriy M. Borovin

Vice-President for Scientific and Innovative Work, Deputy Chairman


Igor I. Koltunov

Professor, Department “Applied Informatics”, Academic Secretary


Aleksandr V. Agafonov 

Director, the branch in Cheboksary


Diana A. Andiyeva 

Student, Institute of Printed Media and Information Technologies


Andrey A. Andriushkov 

Dean, Engineering School (Faculty)


Yuriy N. Anfimov 

Dean, Faculty of Pre-University Training


Pavel A. Arkatov 

Director, Directorate for the Educational and Social Work


Evgeniy B. Bablyuk 

Head, Department “Technologies and Quality Management in Printing and Packaging Production


Sergey V. Belukov

Acting Dean, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology


Sergey Yu. Birichev

Head, Department “Artistic and Technical Processing of Printed Matter


Evgeniy Ya. Butko 

Director for Development of Branches and Representative Offices


Igor I. Vatulin 

Vice-President for Economics and Finance


Edaye R. Veliyeva 

Student, Group 151-511


Aleksey I. Vinokur 

Director, Institute of Printed Media and Information Technologies


Ivan V. Garbuzyuk

Vice-President for Development


Yulia E. Gorina

Director, Directorate for Contingent of Educational Programs

Anna E. Gorokhova 

Professor, Department “Economics and Organization”

Fedor A. Doronin 

Post-graduate Student, Higher School of Printing and Media Industry


Mikhail Yu. Ershov 

Professor, Head of Department “Machines and Technology of Foundry Production” named after Petr N. Aksenov


Viktoria E. Zhogina

Student, Group 161-531


Pablo Emilio Iturralde Baquero

Dean, Transport Faculty


Aleksandr Yu. Kaidanovich 

Vice-President for Student Activities and Social Work


Alina K. Kaymarazova 

Student, Group 151-381


Matvey S. Kalinkin

Student, Group 161-121


Elena D. Klimova 

Head, Department “Technology for Printing Production”


Sergey D. Korneyev 

Professor, Department “Industrial Heat and Power Engineering”


Ilya O. Krasilnikov 

Director for Digital Development


Konstantin S. Krysanov 

Associate Professor, Department “Cryogenic Machinery named after Pyotr L. Kapitsa


Grigoriy B. Kulikov 

Head, Department “Printing Machinery and Equipment


Viktoria V. Lemeshova 

Student, Group DT on B-4-1


Ilya A. Lepyoshkin 

Director, Center for Project Activities

Leonid A. Mariushin

Dean, Faculty of Urban Studies and Urban Management


Evgeniy A. Matveyev 

Student, Group 141-R21


Yuriy A. Morgunov 

Dean, Faculty of Basic Competences


Polina A. Moskvitina 

Student, Group 161-731


Yuriy A. Murog 

Director, the branch in Ryazan


Nikita E. Mukhanov 

Student, Group 171-661


Valeria A. Miasnikova 

Student, Group 141-231


Viktor G. Nazarov 

Professor, Department “Innovative Technologies in Printing and Packaging


Valeria A. Nechayeva 

Student, Group DK&B-3-3


Nikolay M. Nitkin 

Associate Professor, Department “Materials Science”, Chairman of University Staff and Students Union


Pavel A. Petrov

Professor, Head of Department “Materials Processing by Pressure and Additive Technologies


Pavel O. Rodionov

Vice-President for Campus Management


Evgeniy V. Safonov

Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Vladimir G. Sister

Professor, Head of Department “Processes and Devices in Chemical Technology


Arkadiy A. Skvortsov 

Director, Directorate of Research Work


Igor V. Soppa 

Vice-President for Academic Affairs


Galina N. Stepanova 

Head, Department “Economics and Management of Media Business


Aleksey A. Stolyarov 

Director, Institute of Publishing and Journalism


Dmitriy A. Timokhin

Vice-President for the Affairs Administration and Control


Aleksey I. Fedoseyev 

Deputy Dean, Engineering School (Faculty)


Andrey Yu. Philippovich 

Dean, Faculty of Information Technologies


Ekaterina L. Khokhlogorskaya 

Director, Higher School of Printing and Media Industry


Nikolay A. Khripach 

Head, Department “Ground Means of Transportation


Ivan M. Chikunov 

Associate Professor, Department “Infocognitive Technologies”


Gyuzel Kh. Sharipzianova 

Director for Educational Work


Irina L. Shurygina 

Head, Department “Publishing and Bibliology”








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