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Moscow Polytech
Congratulations on the Day of Russian Science by the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Valerii Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, sent a message of congratulations on the Eve of the Day of Russian Science which is celebrated...
7 February 2020
Leading Universities of Project Training will Share Their Experience
On February 15, 2020, at 11: 00 in the Boiling Point of Moscow Polytechnic University (38 Bolshaya Semyonovskaya street), a seminar "Mentoring of Student Projects: Specifics and Experience of...
10 February 2020
Advertising Festival "Lemon"
Within the period from February 5 to April 30, 2020, the Advertising Festival “Lemon” will be held. It is organized by the Department of Advertising and Public Relations in...
4 February 2020
EMP Moscow is Ready to Take Part in the Festival “Baikal Mile”
The team of Moscow Polytechnic University EMB Moscow is going to set a speed record on frozen lake Baikal in the framework of the festival "Baikal Mile" on an...
4 February 2020
Emblem and Logo Competition for the 155th Anniversary of Moscow Polytechnic University
This year Moscow Polytechnic University is going to celebrate the 155th Anniversary. And everyone can make this event more memorable and vivid. We announce a competition: to develop a...
30 January 2020
Moscow Polytechnic University Participated at “INTERPLASTICA 2020” Exhibition
Within the period from the 28 th to the 31 st January 2020 on the territory of exhibition complex "Expocentre" on Krasnaya Presnya was held the 23rd International Specialized...
3 February 2020
Vladimir Miklushevskii on “Mayak” Radio
On January 28, 2020, Vladimir Miklushevskii, the President of Moscow Polytechnic University, performed on “Mayak” radio as a guest of the show Sergey Stillavin and his friends "....
28 January 2020
The Team EMP Polytech Will Take Part in the Baikal Mile 2020
In March 2019, the team of the Moscow Polytechnic University EMP Polytech took part in the Festival of speed “Baikal mile”. Athlete MOTUL Anastasia Nifontova drove electric motorcycle MIG...
15 January 2020
Konstantin Noskov and Vladimir Miklushevskii Summarized the Results of the Vocational Retraining Program on the Subject Chief Data Officer
At the boiling Point in Moscow Polytechnic University Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov and the President of Moscow Polytechnic University...
13 January 2020
Students of Moscow Poly Develop Glider with Electric Propulsion
Nowadays there is sustainable trend in using of electric propulsion (EP) in aviation. There have been already appeared two-seater aircraft with EP along with unmanned aerial vehicle used by...
30 December 2019








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