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The Student Council is a team of young, creative, energetic young men and girls who are seeking to transform the life of all years’ students and post-graduate students in a qualitative way.

By joining our ideas and efforts to implement them, each of us is shaping a positive reality of student projects in various spheres: of science-and technology, mass-culture, sports and health, intellectual, civil and patriotic, of community and society and others.

The efficiency of the team is demonstrated by the highest achievements on all directions. We consider that this results from the active work of the power fields of the team, which attract the required human, material and financial resources.

The active and comprehensive interaction of the university administration with the Student Council allows to every Council Member to be trained directly by professional managers, take balanced and fundamental decisions on the projects and events, increase the personal and professional potential to the benefit of students and the university as a whole.

The Student Council – we move the student projects forward and only forward!

Behind us there us the past! The future is in each of us!


The Student Council of Moscow Poly is located at: 107023 Moscow, Bolshaya Semenovskaya St, 38, room B-202.

The address of the public page of the Council in the social network “Vkontakte”:

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