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Directorate for the Educational and Social Work functions at the university. The Directorate carries out its functions jointly with the University Staff and Students Union. With the proper approach to learning, students have enough free time. It is the main task of the Directorate to help you spend this time with a benefit.

The work of Directorate for the Educational and Social Work is aimed at improving and developing cultural mass activity at the university. The Directorate, with the support of the University Staff and Students Union, arranges recreational evenings and creative activities’ functions. Various creative directions are being developed (vocal, choreography, journalism, photography, theatre art). Interuniversity contests and festivals are held on all directions. The worthiest contestants get the right to defend the honour of the university at city, regional, all-Russian and international contests for young talents.

During the academic year, the KVN league games are held. The winner team gets the right to represent the university at the International Festival of KVN Teams in Sochi, and, as well, in the games of central and interregional leagues of the International KVN Union. The KVN traditions have strong roots at the university. The university KVN team of the MSTU “MAMI” was established in 1999, and later it became the vice-champion of the highest league of the International KVN Union of the 2002 season.

Creative activities at the university are not limited to the KVN games. For those who feel a constant need in self-realization and dealing with art, there is a creative workshop. During the existence of the creative workshop, more than 10 stage productions were made, including a military-patriotic performance dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War “A Lesson of Courage”, a musical based on the film by J. Kirkwood “The Corps de Ballet” “On the Other Side of the Review”, musicals “The Time Loop”, “In Jazz, Only Girls”, “The Tales of the Old Baghdad”. In April 2012 the creative workshop took part in the second (fulltime) round of the XX International Interuniversity Student Festival “Spring at the Urals Federal” in Yekaterinburg, in the framework of which the All-Russian Festival of the Student Drama Theatres “Theatrical come-together 2012” was held.

The search for new talents is carried out at visiting creative festivals. About 100 students, who make up the creative center group, go to the Moscow region health center a few times a year. Professional stage directors, chorus-masters, musicians, scriptwriters, choreographers and journalists pass over their knowledge and skills to the participants. The best numbers are included in the final gala concert of the festival. Owing to the great attention of the university administration to creative development of students and holding visiting festivals, it has become possible to arrange at a high level the ceremonial, festive and mass cultural functions at the university.

In addition, the Directorate for the Educational and Social Work does not leave out of its attention problems of students’ social adaptation and problems of human formation as a personality. The division of youth policy at the Directorate for the Educational and Social Work is engaged in this matter. An institute of curators for the first-year academic groups are those students, who have passed training in people management and efficient communication. The Directorate staff also conduct educational work at the student campus of the university, and they process a social scholarship for the needy students.

One of important directions of the Directorate’s activity is informational work, carried out by the information sector of the Directorate for the Educational and Social Work. One can always find the freshest information on the public and other functions, held both at the university and outside of it, on the stands, for which the division is responsible, and in social networks.

Much attention is paid to maintaining old traditions and setting up new university traditions. A Day of Dedication to Students is held, a Day of a Graduate, lectures on the university history are arranged, as well as student holidays and graduation parties.

The Directorate pays great attention to the civil and patriotic education of students. On this direction the Directorate for the Educational and Social Work cooperates closely with the Council of Veterans of the University. It has become a good tradition at the university to celebrate holidays, dedicated to historic dates, and to hold history lectures about heroism and firm character of the Russian people.

A laboratory for technical support has been formed at the Directorate, and on its base a video studio and a recording studio have been established for recording and further coverage of the events, held at the university.

The Directorate for the Educational and Social Work has been constructing its activities in such a way, that each student can find an occupation he likes for his spare time.

If you feel like taking part in the creative activities of the university, follow announcements on the information stands, in social networks, website, or come to visit the Directorate (room A-414, 415).








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