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Projects are an excellent way to test your skills and abilities in a real business, our tasks are aimed at solving practical problems and are evaluated by external experts.

The Center for Project Activities (CPA) has been constantly spreading the range of technologies, available for the project teams, by upgrading and expanding the technology equipment park of its laboratories, and, as well, by developing the contacts with the partners and involving new production sites in cooperation.

It is our goal to provide the project teams with fulltime experimental production.

Please find here the list of equipment (in Russian), available at present, and work regulations.

If you do not find the equipment, required for your project, in the list, please contact us, and the Center will find the needed production site.



The Student Technology Center (in Russian)



The laboratory of modeling and prototyping (The Technopark) (in Russian)


The laboratory of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (ChemBioTech) – the Center for Project Activities (in Russian)



The FabLab of Moscow Poly (in Russian)



The Center for Engineering Development (in Russian)


The laboratory of Materials Artistic Processing “ArtUM”
The laboratory of Prototyping and Design “RP&D”
The Center for the Technical Support of Education “CTSE”

Dear students and supervisors!

Manufacturing is a long process, starting long before the machine-tool is switched on and not finishing when it is off. 

To manufacture the product of your project successfully and in time, please:

  1. Get acquainted with available technologies. In the same section you will find overall presentations of laboratories, that give a general understanding of our sites.
  2. When designing the product, adhere to available possibilities. If you need the equipment and technologies, unavailable at the CPA right now, send us an e-mail, and we will do our best to find them. The sooner you do it, the more likely it is that the required equipment is found.
  3. Already at the early stages of designing predefine the sequence of manufacturing your product, and the technologies and equipment required for it.
  4. Get acquainted with the regulations of laboratories that you want to attract to manufacturing of your product.
  5. Contact the production sites, consult with people who will carry out the work according to your drawings.
  6. Make sure that the required equipment is available and that there are the necessary supplies for its work. In case of any questions please contact us.
  7. Carefully read in advance the instructions on procurement.
  8. Be ready to face the need for adjustment, debugging or alteration of the product. Reserve the time for that.

For all issues concerning manufacturing in the framework of the project activity please contact Aleksandr V. Yurchenko, Deputy Director of the CPA for production, room A-101, e-mail








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