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Moscow Polytech

Faculty of Information Technologies

Department “Information Security”

Department “SMART-Technologies”

Department “Information Systems and Technologies”

Department “Applied Computer Science”

Department “Infocognitive Technologies”


Transport Faculty

Department “Design”

Department “Dynamics, Durability of Machines and Resistance of Materials”

Department “Ground Means of Transportation”

Department “Power Plants for Transport and Small-Scale Power Generation”


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Department “Automation and Control”

Department “Materials Science”

Department “Machines and Technology of Foundry Production” named after Petr N. Aksenov

Department “Metallurgy”

Department “Equipment and Technologies of Welding Production”

Department “Materials Processing by Pressure and Additive Technologies”

Department “Standardization, Metrology and Certification”

Department “Technologies and Equipment of Mechanical Engineering”


Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

Department “Hardware Design and Automation of Technological Processes”

Department “Chembiotech”

Department “Processes and Devices in Chemical Technology”

Department “Thermodynamics and Nonequilibrium Transport Processes”

Department “Machinery and Technology for Polymer Materials”

Department “Machinery and Technology for Mining and Oil and Gas Production”

Department “Cryogenic Machinery named after Pyotr L. Kapitsa”

Department “Environmental Safety of Technical Systems”


Faculty of Urban Studies and Urban Management

Department “Industrial Heat Engineering”

Office of Hydraulics of Department “Industrial Heat Engineering”

Department  “Industrial and Civil Construction”

Department “Technique and Technology for Mining and Oil and Gas Production”

Department “Electrical Equipment and Industrial Electronics”

Department “Electrical Engineering”


Faculty of Basic Competences

Department “Humanitarian Disciplines”

Department “Engineering Graphics and Computer Simulation”

Department “Foreign Languages”

Department “Mathematics”

Department  “Technical Mechanics”

Department “Physics”

Department “Physical Culture”


Faculty of Economics and Management

Department “Management”

Department “Economics and Organization”

Department  “Marketing and Service”

Department “Human Resource Management”

Department “Marketing Communications”

Department “Economic Security”


Higher School of Printing and Media Industry


Institute of Graphics and Book Art n.a. Vladimir A. Favorsky

Department of "Illustrations and Print"

Department "Drawing and Painting"

Department "Artistic and Technical Processing of Printed Matter"


Institute of Communications and Media Businesses

Department "Economics and Management of Media Business"

Department "Advertising and Public Relations in Media Industry"

Department "Philosophy and Social Sciences"

Department "Physical Culture"


Institute of Publishing and Journalism

Department "Publishing and Bibliology"

Department "Book History and Antiquarian and Second-hand Books Trade"

Department "Russian Language and Literature History"

Department "Journalism and Mass Communications"

Basic Department “Textbooks Bibliology”


Institute of Printed Media and Information Technologies

Department "Technologies and Quality Management in Printing and Packaging Production"

Department "Physical and Mathematical Sciences"

Department "Printing Machinery and Equipment"

Department "Innovative Technologies in Printing and Packaging"

Department "Foreign Languages"

Department "Computer Science and Information Technologies"

Department "Automation of Polygraphy Production"








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