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Admission to the additional general education program for the training of foreign citizens and stateless persons to study professional programs in Russian

Admission to the training of foreign attendees of the Preparatory Course of the Directorate for International Integration and Work with Foreign Students can be carried out both on the basis of agreements on paid educational services and in accordance with international agreements and intergovernmental treaties of the Russian Federation at the expense of allocations of the federal budget. 

Academic plans

Engineering-and-technical and technological profile (in Russian)

Economic profile (in Russian)


Provision for the Preparatory Division

Provision (in Russian)

Schedule of classes 

Schedule (in Russian)

For training foreign attendees should submit to the Preparatory Division (address: Bolshaya Semyonovskaya, 38, room N-314, Moscow, 107023, Russia) the following documents in the period until October 01, 2020:

At the moment of documents filing for the invitation:

  • A personal application (can be done with submission of documents);
  • A notarized passport copy and a notarized translation of the passport into Russian;
  • A notarized education document (a copy and an original);
  • A paid state tax (800 RUR).

IMPORTANT! Documents (scans) can be send by e-mail. The invitation can be send by e-mail after the request of the applicant.

For admission:

  • A paid contract (for attendees studying on a fee basis);
  • A letter of acceptance (for attendees studying within quota).

For registration at the hostel:

  • A certificate of absence of HIV infection in Russian, issued not earlier than 3 months before the date of documents filing;
  • An RW certificate;
  • A fluorography certificate;
  • A medical certificate 086-u;
  • 6 photos 3x4.

Later on:

  • To prove availability of the consular legalization and apostille on documents;
  • Nostrification (in the absence of international treaties between the countries on mutual recognition).

We have Russian language teachers, qualified at RKI (Russian as foreign language). Most of our teachers of the basic subjects are Ph.D.'s, and, as well, our staff includes Senior Teachers and Assistant Teachers. Our teachers speak Russian and English.

We provide a consular and visa support, provide accommodation for the whole period of studies, help to process insurance.


The cost of education in 2020/2021 is RUR 160 000. The payment should be done simultaneously.

The hostel cost is around RUR 3800 per a month.

The cost of insurance is from RUR 6000 to RUR 9000 (depending the package of medical services).


Contact information:

Tel. +7 (495) 223-05-23 ext. 1233, 1453, 1252.


Community Vkontakte:

The Division is located at B. Semyonovskaya St, 38, building “N”, auditorium 314.

Opening hours: daily from 11:00 to 17:00 except Saturdays and Sundays.








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