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Moscow Polytech

Faculty of Information Technologies

Master courses

-        Applied Mathematics and Informatics

-        Information Security

-        Management and Control in Technical Systems (Robotized Unmanned systems, Ergonomic Analysis of Interfaces, Perspective Technical Systems)

-        Informatics and Computer Science (Computer Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, Medical Intelligent Systems)


Transport Faculty 

Master courses

-        Ground Transportation and Technological Complexes (Perspective Transport)

-        Ground Transportation and Technological Complexes (Computer Simulation and Strength Analysis of Transport and Technological Complexes)

-        Ground Transportation and Technological Complexes (Vehicle Design)

-        Power Engineering (Power Plants for Transport and Small-Scale Power Generation)


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 

Master courses

-        Mechanical Engineering (Technological Engineering in Processing Materials by Pressure, Machines and Foundry Production Technologies, Equipment and Technologies of Welding, Additive Production, Management of Technological Projects in Mechanical Engineering, Machines and Technologies of High-efficient Treatment Processes)

-        Design and Technological Support of Mechanical Engineering Plants (Technological Supply of Digital Production)

-        Metallurgical Engineering (Innovations in Metallurgy)

-        Standartization and Metrology (Standartization and Metrology in Mechanical Engineering)

-        Quality management (Quality Management in High-technology Industries)

-        Management in Technical Systems (Management in Robotechnical Systems, Autonomus Information Control Systems)


Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

Master courses

-        Refrigeration, Cryogenics and Life Support Systems

-        Technosphere Safety (Supervisory and Inspection Activities in the Sphere of Labor)

-        Technosphere Safety (Evaluation and Management of Ecological Risks)


Faculty of Urban Studies and Urban Management 

Master courses

-        Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering (Distributed Thermal Energetics)

-        Power Industry and Electrical Engineering (Electric Energy Power Supply Sources, Complexes and Systems)


Faculty of Economics and Management 

Master courses

-        Advertising and Public Relations (In Media Industry, Communication technologies for the implementation of scientific and technological projects)


Institute of Printed Media and Information Technologies

Master courses

-       Informatics and Computer Science (Applied Media Informatics, Electronic Editions and Multimedia Systems)

-       Information Systems and Technologies (Intellectual Technologies of Digital Content Processing)

-       Technological Machines and Equipment (Printed Media Systems and Complexes)

-       Automation of Technological Processes and Productions (Computer Systems of Data Collection and Processing in Printmedia Industry)

-       Material Science and Technologies of Materials (In Polygraphic Industry)

-       Quality Management 

-       Technology of Polygraphic and Packaging Production (Printmedia Technologies, Application of Nanotechnologies Polygraphic and Packaging Production)


Institute of Communications and Media Businesses

Master courses

-       Economics (Economics and Finance of Media Business)

-       Management (Strategic Management in Media Industry)


Institute of Publishing and Journalism

Master courses

-       Journalism

-       Publishing


Institute of Graphics and Book Art n.a. Vladimir A. Favorsky

Master courses

-       Design








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