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Moscow Polytech

Faculty of Information Technologies 


-        Information Security of Automated Systems

Bachelor courses

-        Information Security

-        Informatics and Computer Science (Web technologies, Integration and Programming in CAD)

-        Applied Informatics

-        Applied Mathematics and Informatics

-        Management and Control in Technical Systems (Cyber-Physical Systems)

-        Business Informatics (IT-management)


Transport Faculty 


-        Ground Transportation and Technological Equipment (Sports Vehicles, Perspective Transport, Dynamics and Strength of Transport and Technological Systems)

Bachelor courses

-        Ground Transportation and Technological Equipment (Automobiles and Tractors)

-        Power engineering (Electrical Installations for Transport and Small-scale Power Generation)

-        Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes

-        Design (Vehicle Design)

-        Design (Industrial Design)


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 


-        Design of Technological Machines and Complexes

Bachelor courses

-        Mechanical Engineering (Machines and Technologies of Materials Processing by Pressure, Equipment and Technologies of Welding Production, Machines and Technologies of High-effective Processes)

-        Mechanical Engineering (Machines and Technologies of Materials Processing by Pressure in Hardware Production)

-        Automation of Technological Processes and Plants (Robotyzed Complexes)

-        Design and Technological Support of Mechanical Engineering Plants (Technological Supply of Modern Machines Manufacturing)

-        Material Science and Materials Technologies (Perspective Materials in Innovative Equipment)

-        Metallurgical Engineering (Innovations in Metallurgy)

-        Standartization and Metrology

-        Quality Management (Engineering Methods of Quality Management)

-        Management in Technical Systems (Electronic Control Systems)

-        Innovation Studies (Additive Technologies)

-        Materials Art Processing Technology


Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology


-        Chemical Technology of Highly Nutritious Materials and Products

Bachelor courses

-        Biotechnology (General and Applied Biotechnology)

-        Refrigeration, Cryogenics and Life Support Systems

-        Energy and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Engineering, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology

-        Technosphere Safety


Faculty of Urban Studies and Urban Management

Bachelor courses

-        Mining Industry

-        Civil Engineering

-        Radio Engineering (Telecommunication Systems)

-        Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering

-        Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

-        Power Engineering (Industrial Thermal Engineering)


Faculty of Economics and Management

Bachelor courses

-        State and Municipal Management

-        Economics (Commercialization of Innovative Developments)

-        Economics (Accounting, Analysis and Audit)

-        Management (Management of Organization)

-        Personnel Management

-        Advertising and Public Relations (Brand Management in Advertising and Public Relations)


Institute of Printed Media and Information Technologies

Bachelor courses

-       Information Systems and Technologies

-       Quality Management (In Printed Media Technologies)

-       Technological Machines and Equipment (Printed Media Systems and Complexes)

-       Automation of Technological Processes and Productions (Computer Systems in Printed and Electronic Media)

-       Material Science and Technologies of Materials (Material Science and Nanomodification of Materials for Printed Media Industry)

-       Technology of Polygraphic and Packaging Production (Design and Technology of Polygraphic Production, Design and Technology of Packaging Development, Polygraphic Technologies in Nano and Microelectronics

-       Business Informatics (IT-services Management, Business Analytics in Media Industry)


Institute of Communications and Media Businesses

Bachelor courses

-       Economics (Economics and Finance in Media Organizations)

-       Economics (Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Media Organizations)

-       Management (Media Management)


Institute of Publishing and Journalism

Bachelor courses

-       Journalism (Periodical Editions and Multimedia Journalism)

-       Publishing


Institute of Graphics and Book Art n.a. Vladimir A. Favorsky


-       Graphics

Bachelor courses

-       Design








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