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Moscow Polytech

Vladimir V. Miklushevskii — President;

 Igor I. Vatulin — First Vice-President;

Arkadiy A. Skvortsov — Vice-President for Research and Development;

Gyuzel Kh. Sharipzyanova — Vice-President for Academic Affairs;

Pavel O. Rodionov — Vice-President for Campus Management;

Alexander Yu. Kaidanovich — Vice-President for Student Activities and Social Work;

Dmitriy A. Timokhin — Vice-President for the Affairs Administration and Control;

Igor V. Soppa — Vice-President for International Affairs;

Maria M. Timar — Director for Planning and Organization of Budget Process;

Ekaterina L. Khokhlogorskaya — Director of Higher School of Printing and Media Industry;

Ilya O. Krasilnikov — Director for Digital Development;

Evgeniy Ya. Butko — Director for Development of Branches and Representative Offices;

Viktor G. Nazarov — Scientific Secretary;

Nikolay M. Nitkin — Chairman of University Staff and Students Union (by agreement);

Oleg V. Sholokhov — Head of Rector's Office;

Alexander A. Bazhenov — Director of Directorate for Affairs Administration;

Elena M. Shilova — Public Relations Specialist;

Yulia D. Davydova — Rector's Assistant;

Alina K. Kaymarazova — Chairman of the Joint Board of Students.


Participants of the expanded session of the Rectorate:


Svetlana V. Bondar — Chief Accountant;

Vladimir F. Vakulenko — Adviser at Rectorate;

Oleg I. Semyonov — Adviser at Rectorate;

Aleksey I. Vinokur — Director of Institute of Printed Media and Information Technologies of Higher School of Printing and Media Industry;

Galina N. Stepanova — Director of Institute of Communications and Media Businesses of Higher School of Printing and Media Industry;

Aleksey A. Stolyarov — Director of Institute of Publishing and Journalism of Higher School of Printing and Media Industry;

Nikolay M. Lebedev — Deputy Director for Development of Branches and Representative Offices;

Viktor G. Nazarov — Deputy Director of Higher School of Printing and Media Industry;

Ilya N. Vol'nov — Dean of Engineering School (faculty);

Yuriy N. Anfimov — Dean of Faculty of Pre-University Training;

Sergey V. Belukov — Acting Dean of Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology;

Pablo Emilio Iturralde Baquero — Acting Dean of Transport Faculty;

Leonid A. Maryushin — Dean of Faculty of Urban Studies and Urban Management;

Yuriy A. Morgunov — Dean of Faculty of Basic Competences;

Evgeniy V. Safonov — Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;

Andrey Yu. Filippovich — Dean of Faculty of Information Technologies;

Emma G. Sharyan — Acting Dean of Economics and Management;

Ivan F. Yurin — Acting Dean of Technological Entrepreneurship;

Ilya A. Lepyoshkin — Director of Center for Project Activities;

Pavel A. Arkatov — Director of Directorate for the Educational and Social Work;

Yulia E. Gorina — Director of Directorate for Contingent of Educational Programs;

Irina A. Ivanova — Director of Directorate for International Integration and Work with Foreign Students;

Marina I. Lukashova — Director of Directorate for Campus;

Anastasiya A. Lyukhter — Director of Directorate of Economics and Finance;

Sergey S. Marchenko — Director of Legal Directorate;

Arkadiy A. Skvortsov — Director of Directorate of Research Work;

Andrey N. Tolstov — Director of Educational and Methodological Directorate;

Aleksander V. Tyumenev — Director of Directorate of Integrated Security;

Vladimir E. Udovik — Director of Directorate for Development and Operation of Social Facilities;

Lilia A. Sharayeva — Director of Directorate for Property Management;

Nadezhda A. Kalinina  — Director of Project Management Office;








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