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Dear authors,

We would like to inform you that the editorial board approved the requirements for the content, volume and formatting of the articles offered for publication in the scientific journal “Izvestia MGTU MAMI”. The new order of paper submission came into effect on 01.05.2013. The articles submitted after the deadline and which do not meet the requirements will not be accepted for publication.

It is mandatory that each article should include a review by a specialist in the relevant field. A signature of the reviewer must be stamped by an organization where the reviewer is employed. The review should be submitted either as a hard copy or an electronic copy (scanned).

Information about authors

The following information must be sent as a separate file “About authors.doc”:

- Full name of the authors.

- Place of employment of each author. Author's position may be indicated. It is important to clearly specify a workplace of a particular author avoiding interpretations.

- Contact details (e-mail, telephone number) for each author, if available.

Please do not use in the information about authors personal data including home address, phone number and other personal data which publication are not consented by the author.

Brief information about the authors shall be placed under the heading of the article (see below).

Requirements for the content of articles

At the beginning of the article shall be an abstract in Russian (no more than 8 lines) with a brief content of the publication and key words in Russian (no more than 10 words).

The article should not only introduce a reader with a problem, but it also should provide useful information in the form of appropriate conclusions and results. As the results can be presented formulas, coefficients, practical advice, etc. For example, if the author of the publication has developed a new mathematical model, it is desirable to present the results of calculations using this model.

It is mandatory the article should be completed by findings or conclusions.

Typically, at the end of the article should be a list of references, which are referenced in the text.

The following structure of the article is considered to be optimal:

“Introduction” indicating the purpose of scientific research, “Problem Statement”, “Results”, “Findings or conclusions”, “Literature”, “Appendix” (where, if necessary, may be presented mathematical calculations, not included in body text, etc.).

The decision on publishing is taken by the editorial board of the corresponding journal series and approved by the editorial board of the journal.


Volume requirements

The manuscript should be from 4 to 8 pages (see the requirements for formatting), together with illustrations and tables.

Requirements for formatting

MS Word text editor (Word 97/2000, Word XP/2003). See a sample with customized styles.

The article should begin with a title (“Heading 2” style), followed by the authors ("Authors_" style), then organization ("Organization_" style), abstract ("Abstract" style), keywords ("Keywords" style) and then main text ("Article_" style) with illustrations (styles "Picture", "Picture title") and tables ("Table number" style).

Setting for the "Article_" style: Times New Roman font, 12 pt size, single line spacing, paragraph’s first line indent 1.0 cm from left.

Page — A4, all margins (left, right, top and bottom) 2 cm.

All figures and tables shoule be not editable jpg-files, which must be inserted into text. Additionally, drawings are attached as separate jpg-files. Wrapping of figures and tables are to be "In the text."

All formulas should be typed only in the Formula Editor (Microsoft Equation). Font size 12 pt, index height 8 pt.

The formulas are to be inserted centrally in a 2-column table with invisible borders. The left wide column is used for the formula and the right narrow column is for the formula number. The formula number is put in parentheses and is located exactly in the center.

All submitted and sent by e-mail files together with manuscripts should have the following titles:

“0_Ivanov_ Shortened title of the article.doc”

Where A - number of the journal series (1 - Ground vehicles, power plants and engines, 2 - Technology of manufacturing engineering and materials, 3 - Natural sciences, 4 - Environmental engineering and related issues, 5 - Socio-economic sciences, 6 - Humanities, 7 - Theoretical and applied aspects of higher education).

Then after the underscore: first author's surname and abbreviated title of the article.

“01_Ivanov_ Increasing of fuel efficiency.doc”

List of files sent by e-mail

1. An article text.

2. A review of an article (optimally - a JPG-file, containing a scanned review).

3. Information about authors.

4. Picture files.

Submission of articles

There are the following options for article submission (set of files and hard copy):

1. Personally (via a USB stick or a CD with files and a hard copy. Floppy disks are not accepted).

2. Via email (e-mail:, subject “Izvestiya MGTU MAMI”) - In this case, a hard copy is not required, but you should find out whether your article is received and accepted for publication.

The articles are being received by Aleksandr Lepeshkin at -402, from 14:30 to 17:00.

Tel. (495) 223-05-23 (1426).

Example of article formatting (beginning)

Increasing of vehicle fuel efficiency through the use of alternative fuels

Dr.Eng., Prof. I. I. Ivanov, I. I. Sidorov
Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI)
+7 (495) 223-05-23,
Ph.D. P. P. Petrov
JSC "Avtobioteh"
+7 (495) 223-05-23,

Abstract. The article considers the possibility of use of alternative fuels based on hydrogen. The authors performed calculations and researches, as well as tests of a compact vehicle.

Keywords: alternative fuels, road transport, fuel consumption.

Then the text of the article follows.








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